Macrobiotic Counseling

Advice & guidance on preventing and relieving common conditions & chronic diseases and creating health and well being. Sessions may be done in person, by phone, Skype, or as a written report and take about 90 minutes. $350

Bettina specializes in women's health, cancer, diabetes, brain health, and psychological concerns. Alex specializes in men's health, cancer, heart disease, and immune-related disorders. Counseling may be done with Bettina & Alex together or separately. 

9 Star Ki Reading

Far Eastern astrology advice & guidance for the next 12 months, including relationships, family, career, health, travel, etc. Readings may be done in person, by phone, Skype, or as a written report and take about an hour. $150

Readings are done by both Bettina & Alex together.

Lectures & Seminars

Bettina and Alex offer classes, workshops, lectures, and seminars on Macrobiotic Cooking, Macrobiotic Health Care, Food as Medicine, Diet & Cancer, Brain Health, Longevity, Order of the Universe, Visual Diagnosis, Nine Star Ki, Spiral of History, Meditation, Spiritual Development, and other subjects. Contact them below to sponsor a presentation in person or online. 

Alex and Bettina perform in the Macrobiotic Summer Conference skit as Russian President Putin and German Chancellor Merkel


Bettina: 413-429-5610 •

Alex: 413-623-0012 •

Donations to help develop the Miso Happy Show, to promote macrobiotic and holistic education, and to offer scholarships to view this program, are appreciated. Donors of $100 or more will receive a complimentary copy of the new The One Peaceful World Cookbook.

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