10 favorite vegan, macrobiotic and some gluten free desserts - healthy and delicious - to be enjoyed year-round: • Peanut Butter Cookies • Gingerbread Cookies • Blueberry Tart • Delicious Crispy Brown Rice Treats • Peanut Butter Swirl Cake with Chocolate Glaze • Pumpkin Pie • Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce • Light Lemon Pudding • Black Sweet Rice Balls (Black Rice Ohagi) • Tofu French Toast Enjoy Life, Laugh and Love with luscious desserts. Life is meant to be fun, so let us enjoy delicious desserts from time to time. The relaxing effect of a small volume of good quality, luscious desserts can be far-reaching and triggering almost magical activities for our health and wellbeing.

10 Delicious Desserts for All Occasions by Bettina Zumdick


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