9 Star Ki Seminar

Recorded Online ($179)


Alex and Bettina presented a 9 Star Ki Seminar “Charting Your Destiny 2018 & Beyond” on the weekend of May 19-20, 2018 at the Kushi School of the UK south of London. The seminar was recorded and is available online for easy viewing and study.


9 Star Ki (also known as Feng Shui Astrology) is based on a recurrent natural cycle of 9 energies. This system (underling the I Ching, Aztec calendar, 9 Muses in Greek philosophy, and other ancient cosmologies) divides people into 9 primary star types based on their date of birth: flexible 1 Waters; gentle 2 Soils; romantic 3 and 4 Trees; balanced 5 Soils; disciplined 6 and 7 Metals; visionary 8 Soils; and passionate 9 Fires. The presentations will cover:


1. Your Primary Energy & Forecast for 2018

In this class, you will learn about the 9 star types, discover your native character and personality traits, and learn how the new 9 Fire year will affect your health, family, career, and other primary concerns.


2. Creating Stellar Relationships

This class will explore the dynamic relationships among the 9 energies, including which energies support and nourish you and which tend to repel or suppress you. Special emphasis will be given to strengthening relationships with partners, family, friends, or career associates and to attracting new romantic or business partners.


3. Managing Your Diet & Health with 9 Star Ki

What foods, beverages, snacks, and remedies should you emphasize or minimize during this 9 Fire year? What are your strongest and weakest native organs and systems? How can you use Nine Star Ki to optimize your health and well-being?


4. Discovering Your 2nd and 3rd Energies

In addition to your primary energy, you have a secondary monthly energy, a balancing or decision-making energy, and other special powers. In this class, you will discover how all these energies impact the arc of your life from birth to death.


5. Cycles of Personal, Social, and Planetary Change

2018 begins a new 9-year cycle governed by 2 Soil energy. Will the global economy go up or down? Will there be war or peace? How will this year’s energy affect Trump, Putin, Xi, Kim, May, and Merkel? What can we expect in the coming 9 years? How will the even larger 81-year cycle ending in 2036 affect our personal and planetary destiny?


9 Star Ki is an invaluable compass for managing your spiritual journey through life as well as daily, monthly, and yearly affairs. During this weekend, you may discover many things about your life and relationships that will astonish and enlighten you and contribute to continual self-realization in the future.

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