Tickets are $14.95/show or $45/4 months. To register, click BOOK TICKET NOW. Payment may also be made by check or credit card to Bettina Zumdick, 210 Prospect St., Lee MA 01238, 413-429-5610. Include email address to get access code.

Bettina Zumdick and Alex Jack host the Miso Happy Show, a live Online Learning & Variety Program devoted to food, health, love, music, and peace. The show is broadcast live from 7 to 8:15 p.m. ET.   Shows are temporarily suspended at this time.

The hour-long webcast will include presentations with special guest instructors, segments on current events, food/cooking, and 9 Star Ki, as well as music from guest performers. The online viewing audience can comment, ask questions, and sing along in real time. Sessions will be recorded for later viewing.



Alex & Bettina



• Macrobiotic Counseling

• 9 Star Ki Readings

• Lectures & Seminars


"You make miso happy when skies are grey . . . "

>Anna (Alex's granddaughter) and Mischa

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